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Archival - Photo/ Event Gallery

Photo/ Event Gallery

World Ozone Day-2019 celebration at GBPNIHESD, organized by ENVIS
(Date: 16th Sep 2019)
MoU signing b/w GBPNIHESD & Sikkim University at Sikkim Regional Centre (GBPNIHESD)
(Date: 14th Sep 2019)
Activities organised on the occasion of Hindi Diwas " Rajbhasha Hindi Pakhwada-2019"
(Date: 14th Sep 2019)
31st Annual Day celebration at GBPNIHESD
(Date: 10th Sep 2019)
Winners of Photo Competition organized by GBPNIHESD under DST sponsored 'Task Force 3'
(September 2019)
Celebration of 73rd Independence Day at GBPNIHESD, Almora
(Date: 15th August 2019)
Plantation Activity at Nanda Van on the occasion of "August Kranti Diwas"
(Date: 9th August 2019)
Launching of "Spring Rejuvenation for Water Security in Himalaya" Programme in Champawat, Uttarakhand
(Date: 29th July 2019)
Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting -2019
(Date: 16th-17th July 2019)
Inaugration of Air Quality Monitoring Station by Dr. Vijay Prasad Dimri
(Date: 16th July 2019)
Harela Celebration- Plantation activity at Surya Kunj, GBPNIHESD
(Date: 17th July 2019)
Talk on Sustainable Land Management by Dr. Hans Peter, WOCAT, TerrAfrica, University of Bern
(Date: 1st July 2019)
Cleanliness drive programme at Nanda Van, Almora organized by GBPNIHESD in collaboration with Nagar Palika, Almora
(Date: 12th June 2019)
World Environment Day Celebration
(Date: 4th June 2019)
Visit of Shri Anil Kumar Jain, Additional Secretary, MoEF&CC
(Date: 24th-25th May 2019)
Lecture on Wildfire Forest Conservation & Sustainable Land Management for Springshed Management
(20th May 2019)
3rd Himalayan Researchers Consortium at HQ, GBPNIHESD
(16th-17th May 2019)
Visit of European Delegation to North East Regional Centre, GBPNIHESD
(5th April 2019)
National Review Meet: ENVIS-2019
Venue: Ganga Auditorium, Vayu Wing, MoEF&CC, New Delhi
(2nd April 2019)
Nature Camp 2019
Organised by: CBCM, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(05-20 March 2019)
Certificate course under Green Skill Development Programme on “Forest Resources and Plant Biodiversity”
Organised by: NMSHE, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(05-20 March 2019)
Certificate Course under GSDP on "Monitoring of Environmental Parameters and Their Interpretation"
(26 Feb-14 March 2019)
Workshop on Himalayan Timberline and Prospects of Conservation & Development in Sikkim Himalaya
Organised by: SRC, GBPNIHESD
(18-19 February 2019)
2nd Certification Course on Preparation of People's Biodiversity Register under Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP)
(12-26 February 2019)
NMHS's National Seminar-cum-Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop
(4th -7th February, 2019)

Celebration of Republic Day (26 January 2019) Certification Course on Preparation of People's Biodiversity Register under Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP)
(07-21 January 2019)
Institute's Participation in 106th Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)
(01-07 January 2019)
'Diversity - Our Identity Our Heritage' A Collaborative Programme of Indian Partners of KSLCDI
(19-21 December 2018)
Workshop on International Mountain Day with Students
(11 December 2018)
Exhibit of Institutes Publications and Kailash Sacred Landscape Meeting during Valley of Words (VoWs) Event at Dehradun
(23-25 November 2018)
20th Society Meeting of GBPNIHESD
(19 November 2018)
Regional Evaluation and Training Workshop - 2018 of ENVIS Centres (Himalayan Region)
(15-16 Nov 2018)
SAC Meeting, HQs GBPNIHESD, Almora
(31 Oct-1 Nov 2018)
Celebration of Wildlife Week-2018, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
(02-08 Oct 2018)
Celebration of Wildlife Week-2018 and Swachhta hi Sewa Activities at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Almora, Uttarakhand
(Date: 02 October 2018)
Rajbhasha Hindi Pakhwada
(14-09-2018 to 28-09-2018)
Swachhta hi Sewa Pakhwada
Swachhta hi Sewa Activities (24-09-2018)   Celebration of Annual Day Function at HQs, GBPNIHESD
Nature Interpretation Course under Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP):
(01-21 August 2018)
Celebration of Harela Festival at Surya-Kunj of Institute
First Meeting of the National Coordination Committee for Tran-boundary Landscape (TBL) Initiatives in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR)
Signing of MoU between GBPNIHESD and ICIMOD (19 June 2018)
National Workshop and
Stakeholders Meet on Himalayan Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
with Focus on Agrotechnology and Marketing,
Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
(15-06-2018 and 16-06-2018)
Review and Interactive Meetings with Advisor, MoEF&CC and Director, GBPNIHESD
Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
(16-06-2018 and 17-06-2018)
GBPNIHESD Stall at WED-2018 Exhibition under the Theme "Sustaining Dynamic Himalaya"
at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi
(01-05 June 2018)
Celebration of World Environment Day-2018
and International Day for Biological Diversity-2018
Knowledge Sharing and Networking Workshop on Biodiversity, Forest Conservation and Management
(24-25 May 2018)
Celebration of Republic Day
(26 January 2018)
Diversity- Our Identity Our Heritage” Celebrated at Pithoragarh
(23-26 November 2017)
Raajbhasha Hindi Pakhwada at GBPNIHESD
(14 September - 26 September, 2017)
Swachhta hi Seva Campaign at GBPNIHESD
(15 September - 2 October, 2017)
Celebration of World Ozone Day at Campus School, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(16th September 2017)
Workshop on Ozone Informatics at HQs, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(15th September 2017)
Annual Day Celebration at HQs, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(10th September 2017)
Inauguration of KSLCDI Repository and Referral Centre at HQs, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(9th September 2017)
Celebration of 71st Independence Day at HQs, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(15th August 2017)
Mass Plantation at Nanda Van, Almora (21 July 2017) 19th Himalayan Popular Lecture at HQs of GBPNIHESD, Almora
(12 July 2017)
Celebration of Van Mahotsav-2017
(1-7 July 2017)
Celebration of
International Yoga Day-2017
(21 June 2017)
Swachhta Pakhwada 2017-18
Celebration of
World Environment Day-2017
(05 June 2017)
Celebration of
International Day for Biological Diversity
(22 May 2017)
संसदीय राजभाषा समिति द्वारा संस्थान का राजभाषीय निरीक्षण
(06 मई 2017)
Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting
at HQs , GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(21-22 March 2017)
Celebration of International Women's Day - 2017
at HQs , GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(8 March 2017)
Celebration of 68th Republic Day- 2017 and Tree Plantation
at HQs Campus, GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(26 January 2017)
Institute's Participation
in 104th Indian Science Congress
Sri Venkateswara University
(03-07 January 2017)
'Diversity - Our Identity Our Heritage'
Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative, Gangolihat, Pithoragarh
(28-30 December 2016)
International Mountain Day
Mountain Cultures: Celebrating Diversity and Strengthening Identity, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(11th December 2016)
National Workshop
Forest Resources and Plant Biodiversity (NMSHE-Task Force-3)
(16-18 November 2016)
Hindi Rajbhasha Pakhwara, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(14-29 September 2016)
Visit of Hon'ble Secretary and Additional Secretary,
MoEF&CC, Govt. of India,
New Delhi, at the HQs of GBPNIHESD, Almora
(10-11, September 2016)
Governing Body (GB) Meeting, GBPNIHESD, Almora
(10th September 2016)
Annual Day Celebration of GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(10th September, 2016)
Inauguration of A.N. Purohit Research Hostel, GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(10th September, 2016)
Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting, HQs GBPNIHESD, Almora, Uttarakhand
(26-27 August 2016)
Celebration of 70th
Independence Day at HQs, GBPNIHE&SD
(15 August 2016)
3rd Meet of Himalayan Parliamentarians
10th August 2016
Society Meeting of GBPNIHESD
(13 July, 2016)
Mass Plantation Drive - 2016 Celebration of Internation Day of Yoga-2016
Celebration of Biodiversity Day-2016-17
Inauguration of Jhurmut
(19 May, 2016)
Thematic Cleanliness Drive 2016
Nature Camp Visit of Former Secretary,
Ministry of Textiles,
Government of India
for Stakeholders Meet, GBPIHED
01-04 February 2016
Celebration of 67th
Republic Day, GBPIHED,
(26 January 2016)
Himalayan Popular
Lecture Series
(25thJanuary 2016)
Institute's Participation
in 103rd Indian Science Congress
University of Mysore
(03-07 January 2016)
Institute's Participation in
India-ICIMOD Week
MoEF&CC, New Delhi
(11-15 December 2015)
2nd Meet of Himalayan
MoEF&CC, New Delhi
15 December 2015
Establishing Co-operation
for Ecological Restoration
of Degraded Hill Slopes
(19 November 2015)
Participation in Himalayan
Unviersity Consortium (HUC)
Summit, ICIMOD, Nepal
(28-29 October 2015)
Multi-stakeholders Himalayan
Sustainable Development Forum (HSDF)
(5 October 2015)
Indian Himalayan Legislators Meet
Itanagar (8th October 2015)
Institute's Participation in
Sustainable Mountain Development
Summit-IV, Itanagar
(7-9 October 2015)
2nd Himalayan Young
Researcher's Meet
(15-17 September 2015)
1st Himalayan Peoples'
Reperesentative Meet
(10 September 2015)
Annual Day Celebration
10 September 2015
Seminar on "Learning
from Nepal Earthquake
for Indian Himalayas and
Gangetic Plains"
(20 August 2015),
Indian National Science
Academy (INSA), New Delhi
Celebration of Independence
Day 15 August 2015,
First Regional Consultation
Meeting: Multi-stakeholders
Himalayan Sustainable Development
Fourm (HSDF) (4-August-2015,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand)
SAC(28-29 July, 2015),
Plantation at , GBPIHED HQ
(Harela Festival) (17-July-2015),
Rajbhasha Hindi Workshop
(29 June 2015), GBPIHED,
Yog Divas in the HQs of GBPIHED,
Almora (21th June 2015)
Celebration of World Environment
Day-2015 in the HQs of GBPIHED,
Almora (5th June 2015)
Visit of Hon'ble Secretary
MoEF&CC, Govt. of India,
New Delhi
Celebrated International Day Himalayan Popular Lecture Series 38th Indian Social Science Congress Society Meeting
(2 March 2015)
GB Meeting
(27 February 2015)
Republic Day Celebration
(26, January 2015)
International Mountain Day (11 December, 2014)
Inveraction Meeting of Director & Faculty with Dr. Paul Pearce Kelly,  Zoological Society of London & Dr. B.A. Daniel, IUCN (29 October, 2014)
Popular Lecture by Dr. K.S. Valdiya (28 October, 2014)
Vigilance Week Oath Ceremony (27 October, 2014
Clean India Drive (Swachh Bharat) (29 September, 2014)
Rajbhasha Hindi Pakhwara (14 - 29 September, 2014)
Annual Day & 20th Pt. G.B. Pant Memorial Lecture (10 September, 2014)
Himalayan Young Researcher's Meet - I (7 - 9 September, 2014)
Landscape Conservation Meeting - MoEFCC and Mountain Division of GBPIHED (20 August, 2014 at Dehradun)
Independence Day (15 August, 2014)
Plantation in Nanda Van (14 August, 2014)
20th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (6-7 August, 2014)
Blood Donation Camp (04 July, 2014)
Visit of DG, UCOST, Dehradun (23 June, 2014)
Scientific Exchange Workshop, New Delhi (19-20 June, 2014)
Visit of ICIMOD Team (17 June, 2014)
Celebration of World Environment Day - 2014 (05 June, 2014)
Rajbhasha Hindi Workshop - Invited Speaker: Prof. G.S. Paliwal, Sr. Advisor, AFCL, New Delhi (19 May, 2014) 
Himalayan Popular Lecture (First) by Dr. S.S. Garbyal, Director General Forests and Special Secretary, MoEF, Govt. of India, New Delhi (15 May, 2014) 
iPAD Didtritution to the Faculty Members by the Director (09 May, 2014)
Meeting and Signing of MoU with State Biodiversity Board (04 March, 2014)
Meeting with Forest Department (28 February, 2014)
Campus School Annual Day Function (25 February, 2014)
GBPIHED-ICIMOD-INSA Workshop on "Mountain Specific Research in the Context of Himalaya" at INSA, New Delhi (19-20 November, 2013)
Interactive Meeting with 33 Judges of Uttarakhand - 11/11/2013
Interaction Meeting with Sr. Director, India China Institute, New York, USA for Future Collaboration - 11/11/2013
Photographs with T-shirt and Cap :: 12-13 September, 2013
Annual Day :: 10 September, 2013
National Workshop :: 8 - 9 September, 2013
Independence Day :: 15 August, 2013