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Centre for Socio-Economic Development(CSED)

Collaborative Institutions

Government Institutions

G.B. Pant University Of Agriculture And Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

Government Institutions

ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan, Almora, Uttarakhand

Focal areas of activities

-  To promote activities that lead to ecological and economic security, and sustainable development in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR).

-   Poverty, Out-migration, Natural Resource Management for Sustainable livelihood, Technology development and demonstration.



Scientist F

Dr. Paromita Ghosh

Designation:  Scientist F

Centre Head :  Centre for Socio-Economic Development

Discipline: Plant Science ; Soil Science ;

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Scientist D

Dr. Harshit Pant

Designation:  Scientist D

Discipline: Forest ecology and ecosystem services ; Climate Change & Community Based Forest Management ;

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Scientist D


Consultant under Mountain Division Project

Dr. Deepa Bisht

Designation:  Consultant under Mountain Division Project

Discipline: Ph. D (Botany)

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Technology Associate

Dr. Megha Sharma

Designation:   Technology Associate

Discipline: Ph.D in Commerce (Marketing)

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Senior Project Fellow

Dr. Nidhi Joshi

Designation:  Senior Project Fellow

Discipline: जैव रसायन और आणविक जीव विज्ञान

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Young Professional – I

Ms. Pooja Oli

Designation:  Young Professional – I

Discipline: Biotechnology

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Young Professional – I

Ms. Lovely Sharma

Designation:  Young Professional – I

Discipline: Botany

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Field Assistant

Field Assistant

Mr. Vijay Singh Bisht

Designation:  Field Assistant

Discipline: Field

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Pine Factory

Pine Needles are used to make file covers that can be utilised as stationary

Bio Briquetting

Biomass briquettes are a biofuel substitute to coal and charcoal.


  Production of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in farming and small scale sustainable, organic farming.



In-house project : Community Driven Eco-smart Model Village Development to Improve Livelihoods and Foster Ecological Security in the Himalaya

Cultivation and conservation of Indigenous medicinal plants through technological backstopping for Sustainable Livelihood of Raji Tribes of Indian Central Himalaya

Demonstration and scaling up of Chir Pine leaves based bio-briquettes technology to promote environment-friendly energy for employment and income generation among rural people in Uttarakhand

Biochemical and molecular characterization of selected legume crops for identification of suitable germplasm to bridge the nutritional and yield gaps in Uttarkhand

Consultant-Mountain Division Project: Policy imperatives of socio-economic development related environment-friendly rural technologies promoted by GBPNIHE across the IHR: Prospects and constraints


Himalaya Calling - Bridging science policy and practice to foster sustainable development in the Indian Himalaya Region (IHR).

Estimation of economics losses in real term per hectare basis due to Forest Fire in Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh

Ongoing Projects in CSED

ENVIS Program: Himalayan Ecology

Principal Invigilator    Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Duration   1992-Onwards

Funding Agency    MoEF&CC, New Delhi

Timberline on Altitudinal Gradient Ecology of Himalayas, and Human Use Sustenance in a Warming Climate.

Principal Invigilator    Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Duration   2016-2021

Funding Agency    NMHS-CHEA, Nainital

Livelihood enhancement of small farmers of Uttarakhand hills through integration of simple, cost effective, Eco-friendly Rural technologies.

Principal Invigilator    Dr. Deepa Bisht

Duration   2017-2021

Funding Agency    Department of Science & Technology(DST), New Delhi

Himalaya Calling - Bridging science policy and practice to foster sustainable development in the Indian Himalaya Region (IHR).

Principal Invigilator    Dr. R.C.S Sundriyal, Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Duration   2019-2022

Funding Agency    National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS)

Estimation of economics losses in real term per hectare basis due to Forest Fire in Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh

Principal Invigilator    Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Duration   2020–2022

Funding Agency    Indian Institute of Forestry Research and Education(ICFRE)

Completed Projects in NERC

Traditional Knowledge System network programme on convergence of Traditional knowledge systems for Integration to sustainable Development in the Indian Himalayan

Principal Invigilator   Dr. R.C. Sundriyal

Duration   2015-2020

Funding Agency   J.N.U., New Delhi

Ecosystem services in changing biodiversity state: A comparative study of Western and Eastern Himalayan forest stands.

Principal Invigilator    Dr. R.C. Sundriyal

Duration   2016-2020

Funding Agency   MoEFCC, New Delhi

A Sustainable Approach for Livelihood Improvement by Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Central Himalaya

Principal Invigilator   Dr. D.S. Rawat

Duration   2016-2020

Funding Agency   National Mission on Himalayan Studies, NMHS

Himalayan Fellowship Programme

Principal Invigilator   Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Duration   2016-2020

Funding Agency   Department of Science & Technology(DST), New Delhi

Research Articles

Ethnomedicinal knowledge of a marginal hill community of Central Himalaya: diversity, usage pattern, and conservation concerns.

Authors Ojha, S.N., D. Tiwari, A. Anand , R.C. Sundriyal

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 2020

Green Sequestration Potential of Chir Pine Forests Located in Kumaun Himalaya.

Authors Pant, H. , A. Tewari

Forest Products Journal , 2020

Soil macrofauna diversity and population dynamics in Indian Himalayan Agroecosystems.

Authors Pant, M., G.C.S. Negi , P. Kumar

Soil Research, 2020

Climate Change Impacts in the Himalayan Mountain Ecosystems.

Authors Negi, G.C.S. , S Mukherjee

Encyclopedia of the World’s Biomes, Elsevier Inc, 2020

The Impact of Climate Change in Hindu Kush Himalayas: Key Sustainability Issues.

Authors Singh, S.P., R. Thadani, G.C.S. Negi, R.D. Singh , S. Gumber

Springer Nature Switzerland, 2020

Ecology and Use of Lantana camara in India.

Authors Negi, G.C.S., S. Sharma, S.C.R. Vishvakarma, S.S. Samant, R.K. Maikhuri, R.C. Prasad , L.M.S. Palni

The Botanical Review , 2019

Development of recharge and conservation site suitability model for groundwater retrieval and evaluation of artificial recharge potential in a complex hydro-geological spring-fed river basin.

Authors Rani, M., H. Joshi, K. Kumar, A. Pande , D.S. Rawat

Arabian Journal of Geosciences , 2019

Promotion of cultural and natural heritage of the tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti as a potential tourism destination in North-western Himalaya.

Authors Chand, K., S. Shashni, S. Rathore, S. Sood, R. Lata , R.C. Sundriyal

Rural Development and Techno-Innovations, Discovery Publishing House , 2019

Himalayan Biodiversity in the Face of Climate Change.

Authors Negi, G.C.S. , R.S. Rawal

Tropical Ecosystems, Springer , 2019

Opportunities for forest landscape restoration in Uttarakhand, India using ROAM

Authors Joshi, B.C., G.P. Pande, G.C.S. Negi, R.S. Rawal, R. Joshi, S. Sharma, D.S. Rawat , A. Bhattacharjee

Current Science, 2018

Criteria and indicators for promoting cultivation and conservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Western Himalaya, India

Authors Negi, V.S., P. Kewlani, R. Pathak, D. Bhatt, I.D. Bhatt, R.S. Rawal, R.C. Sundriyal, S.K. Nandi

Ecological Indicators , 2018

Valuing Cultural Services of the Kailash Sacred Landscape for Sustainable Management.

Authors Nepal, M., R.K. Rai, S. Das, L.D. Bhatta, R. Kotru, M.S. Khadayat, R.S. Rawal , G.C.S. Negi

Sustainability , 2018


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