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Green Skill Development Programme
Venue - GBPNIHESD, Kosi, Almora, Uttarakhand
(Date: 07-21 January 2019)

Lecture on Butterflies and Aquatic Fauna of Uttarakhand by Dr. Ravindra Joshi, Fauna Expert

Lecture Mammals and Birds of Uttarakhand by Mr. B.S. Bisht, Freelance Wildlife Expert, Ramnagar

Lecture on Agri-diversity of Uttarakhand by Dr. B.D. Singh, KVK, Matela, Almora
Lecture on Compilation of gathered information / Inferences by Dr. D.S. Rawat, Retd. Scientist, GBPNIHESD
Lecture on Flora of Uttarakhand and its etanobotanical importance by Dr. G.C. Joshi, Former SIC, CCRAS, Tarikhet, Almora
Lecture on Horticultural/ Ornamental plant diversity of Uttarakhand Dr. Rakesh Mer, KVK, Matela, Almora
Lecture on Insects of Uttarakhand and their Identification by Dr. Sandeep, Zoology Department, Kumaun University, SSJ Campus Almora